Rebalance Your Mind – Body – Spirit and the Natural World

Jan 12, 2021

Energy Healing with Christine Cliff n.d. Check out the 2021 Rebalancing Video!

There are many energies that are needing to realign and rebalance for your lives to be rebalanced and harmonious.

Many of these energies are outside of you and you are needing to rebalance with them to regain your own balance with in the universe.

These energies are in what we are calling the Natural World.

Many people have lost their universal & Natural World balance and it is now time to re-establish this balance.

You, as an Energetic Human, have a need to be connected to all living things in a balanced and healthy way so that you can communicate and function at your best with all other living things that exist around us.

You also have a need to be connected to all good energies that we may not be able to see that is helping you.  It is important so that you can connect with and communicate with the energetic universe which consists of the angelic, mystic, magical and metaphysical worlds. These beings live in our realm, within our Natural World, as well as other realms and it is up to us to allow them to make connection with us so that we can have their help in the best way possible.

Your past loved ones need you to connect to them so that you can continue to live the life that you are meant to and allow them to assist you in the fashion that they have prepared themselves to do.  Just because they are not on physical doesn’t mean that they are done helping you out. Often that is when they really start to as they are able to help you more after they return to spirit form, being a direct link to Source.

2021 is all about rebalancing your mind-body-spirit and having yourself in a position to have the best life possible.

Take time to connect to the Natural Worlds and the positive energies of the other worlds and realms so they can help you also.

Part of our balancing is how we interact with the world around us and that includes all that we can see and that which we may not be able to.

This Video will take you through a short session allowing yourself to connect, reconnect and allow yourself to rebalance with yourself, the Natural World and the many other helpful realms around us.  Listen to it as many times throughout the year as you would like.  Each time it will peel away another layer and help with deeper healing and rebalancing as you go though your journey this year.

A pivotal part of this year will be to find the balance with things that you may not even know are important to your life or journey.

Take time to listen to yourself and really hear the answers.  These answers will come more strongly and with out as much resistance the more you can connect to and harness the energy of the Natural Worlds and outer realms.

It is time to stay focused and take your life in your own hands.

This is your year to change your life and the lives of many others, all in good ways.

Find your groove and your niche and life will get better and better.

From all of us at Your Revitalized Energy as well as the Galactic council

We wish you the best 2021 you can conceive


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