Finding Your Spiritual Guide

Mar 19, 2021

Who are My Guides? How do I connect with them?

As you know we have many guides and spiritual help that surround us every day.

Who they are can be a big mystery for many. However, if you are able to tap into their world it can revel much to you about how you should be living and moving forward on your journey.

Every one of us has a main guide and many more guardians. Plus many more guides on top of our main one. It can sometimes become confusing which one we are conversing with. But the really important thing is that we receive the messages, not necessarily which one of the guides it is coming from.

Some spiritual advisors like to look into their own essence or higher self for guidance and others like to tap into the Akashic records for universal knowledge.

It doesn’t really matter which avenue you take, what matters is your ability to connect and receive messages for your own benefit and those that you love. Given that they permit you to access knowledge on their behalf.

I have a connection with the natural worlds and connect with them easier then some other forms of beings so for me connecting to my animal totems and spirit animals becomes second nature to me at this point. As does connecting to my ancestors from all realms of life, but especially those from this lifetime and that of my last life here on earth.

Where ever you have the easiest time connecting is the realm that you should concentrate on first.

So, if you are like me and are driven to connect with your nature guides and animal totems then this blog is just for you.

Some of you are already connecting and do not realize it. Or maybe you do, but are frustrated that it is on their terms and not always when you want to.

LOL, this can be frustrating, but it is all part of the learning.


Many of you probably dream really vivid dreams and know that they contain messages, but are not sure how to decipher them. Is that you? Let me know below


Who, all of a sudden gets a great idea and wonders why they didn’t think of it before? Again this is a way that your guides connect with you.


Do you think of something that you really want to do and can feel the joy or excitement of completing it in your heart (or soul)? This is a big way that your guides communicate with you


Who gets goosebumps when they think of things and know right away that what you just said or thought is truth? Another BIG way that you are communicated with.

There are many other ways that spirit and guides communicate with you. And understanding how they do is important when moving forward so you understand how messages and responces will be delivered.


Do you see vividly in your mind?

Do you think you see things around you?

Do you see orbs?

Do you sense feelings?

Do you feel things on your skin?

Do you smell strange odours and smells?

Do you hear voices outside your head?

Do you get random thoughts?

Do you hear voices in your head?

Do you see color?

Let me know all the ways that you receive! I always love to hear about the fantastic combinations of ways that we are given our psychic abilities and communicate with those we can not see.

Now….. On to communicating with our nature tribe and guides.

There are different ways to do this, but this is one of the 1st I learned so I want to take you through this journey.

Get yourself comfortable and relaxed and then press play. I will meet you on the other side and would love to hear about your experience once you are done.

Remember, that we all view things differently and take different amounts of time to relax and focus.

Some of you will see exactly what you are meant to the 1st time and others will need to follow the guided meditation several times to see and know the answers.

Either way all is good and right for you.

Press Play and let us see what we learn.


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