Healing Takes Time – Don’t Rush it!

May 18, 2021

Remember that you didn’t get into the shape you are in over night. Which means you are not going to heal over night either!

It can be a Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual issue that you are dealing with. They all take time to heal and over come.

Some have decided that it takes just as long to heal from something as it did to get into the unhealthy state.

I am not one of them. lol

There are many reasons why health falls down the tubes.

But many times it falls back on an unhealthy emotion that we stored within our body that keeps us spiraling downward.

Or at the very minimum staying where we are at.

Learning what is at the bottom of your issues can allow you to heal much faster then traditional methods.

Take time to feel into your issue and see what comes up.

Sit quietly or with some soft music, focus on one particular issue, and see what comes to you.

Many times we will be gifted with insight into the real issue behind the problem.

Then it is a matter of using Energy Healing to tap into the underlying issue to help with the surface issue you struggle with.

Take it from me, Energy Healing has saved me from many issues and continues to make me stronger every day.

This will not be an over night fix, but it will be the best fix!

Helping you right from the main source!!!!


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