Trauma and Your Body

Dec 30, 2020

Energy Healing for Trauma with Christine Cliff n.d.

Trauma can leave our Body & Mind in a very tortured and unbalanced state even without knowing that is what is happening.

Anytime that you have something traumatic happen to you, you are scarred with trauma energy. The trauma can happen physically, mentally and/or emotionally and your energy center will react and respond the same way.

Whether you were physically abused or went hungry and didn’t know where your next meal was coming from, the body responds to your traumatic experience the same way.

It stores the emotions as energy with in your body.


It is possible to heal yourself after the incident so that the emotional energy is not stored long term. However, that rarely used to happen as the supports were not there.

So here we are needing to get the help after the emotional energy has stayed in our bodies and reeked even more havoc.

All Trauma causes emotional energy to be stored with in the body and energy field. However, the difference is that depending on the type of trauma and the emotions that went along with it, will depend on where the energy gets stored.


  • Sextual trauma will have a lot of energy stored in the ankles and will affect how you relate to present and future relationships.
  • Anger is stored in your liver and gallbladder.
  • Fear and worry is stored in your kidneys, hips and lower back.

As the energy integrates into and through our body it causes more and more issues. Sometimes to the point of serious health issues.

Each emotion and incident, whether good or bad, will be energetically stored in your body. It is up to you to decide which energies you wish to stay and which you want to go.


The issue is energetic in nature one of the easiest ways to treat it is with energy.

You now have an easy way to help you deal with the stored emotions and energy from your traumatic experiences. Energy Healing helps you tap into, release and heal from your traumas with out reliving the pain.

Here is an Energy Session specifically for helping you release and heal from stored emotions and energy from traumatic experiences in the past. If you are currently in a traumatic situation, please use this session to help give you the strength and healing you need to move forward.

Trauma Healing with Christine Cliff n.d.

Allow the energy to flow through you and alleviate the burdens of the stored trauma. Welcome the healing and blessings that are embedded with in the video and Energy Healing session.

Many Blessings and Best Wishes on Your Recovery.

For more information and help please contact me.

Christine Cliff n.d.

Your Revitalized Energy


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