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Dec 30, 2020

Energy Healing with Christine Cliff n.d.

It is a term that has been getting more and more attention lately, but do you really know what it means?

There are many interpretations out there about what Energy Healing really is and what it does.

When I mention Energy Healing to people, for the first time, they interpret it as a synonym for Reiki.  Which isn’t totally wrong, but it isn’t totally correct either.

Energy Healing is an umbrella term for all modalities that use energy from the Universe to aid in the healing of other living things. It is all knowing and goes where it is needed.  It can work on all levels of being – Physical, Mental, Spiritual, & Etherical.  It works for the best of the recipient and can only be given if the recipient is open. It can change and manipulate things at a cellular level allowing recipients to live in ways they never thought possible.  For many it can be a miracle worker and for others it can be a sense of relaxation.

Whatever the recipient is open to is what they will receive.  The more they are open the more benefits they will get.

I have learned to use my intuition when it comes to Energy Healing.  Most visits do not entail only one form of healing, but a vast array of different modalities to help my clients get the best results I the least amount of time.

My goal is to help people live Happier and Healthier lives, not to continue to have clients for a life time.

That being said, I do have clients who love the relaxation of a session and will often come for repeat visits to help wash away the stresses of their lives, and for this I will be forever grateful for their continued support and appreciation of the services I provide.

The other clients are the ones with issues they want to solve, lives they want to better, hearts they want to repair, confidence they want to rebuild and child like fun they want to find.  These are the ones that my specific form of Energy healing helps the most.  These are the ones that the Universe had in mind when they helped me understand my gifts.  For these people do not need just a mild and relaxing session.  These people need a way to get to the nitty gritty of what is happening on the inside and a way to wash away the negative, and heal the agony.  These are the people who have tried other things and just do not know where to turn to next.  These are my peeps and the ones I was meant to help.

Which category to you fit into the most?  Wanting a way to relax and remove the stressors of your day? Or Knowing that life should and could be better and wanting to find the answers so you can truly be happy again?

Either way I am here for you.

Energy Healing is so magical, especially when used intuitively. Doing it intuitively means that my clients get what they need in the doses they need and when they are ready for it, not when I believe they should be ready. Lol

No matter why you come to me. No matter what we believe the issue is. The energy will go ton you for the betterment of your soul and your souls work here on earth.

If you want to know what your Soul purpose is here on earth, we can do that (IF it is your time to learn😉).  Contact me to learn more.

Different Energy Healers and Practitioners are going to offer different services.  Many of them offer them individually.  Which is great, but it isn’t the most effective way to get things done.  By combining different energy healing modalities, you get to tap into the different levels of energy within your body and outer energy layers.  You also get to tap into the different energy systems and fields that make up our energetic intelligence that flow within our bodies and connect us to the outside world and all living beings, as well as connect us to Source itself.  We are not separate from any living thing and through this energy intelligence we can communicate and participate with all other living beings and thigs within our galaxy and the world that surrounds us that we have never even realized existed before now.

All things are connected and Energy Healing is a great way to use all of the resources at our fingertips even if we can not physically touch it or see it.

These are a few of the Energy Healing modalities out there and ones I use on a regular basis:

  • Reiki – where people channel energy from the universe through themselves and help to share it through their hands.  Also referred to as laying of hands and hand healing. Practitioners do not set any specific intentions.
  • Spiritual Alignment Connection (SAC) – helps to realign the 4 parts of the self to bring it back into balance
  • Theta – helps to change beliefs and to bring the conscious and subconscious into alignment and harmony
  • Reflexology – pressing on reflexes on a particular part of the body to activate balance and harmony within the whole body.  Uses the meridian system and a great way to work on organs and muscles.
  • Fascia Release – Is a great hands-on modality that allows energy to release tension and knots within the fascia network throughout your body
  • Trigger Point Therapy – releasing or softening muscle knots and scar tissue to eliminate or reduce the effects of the scaring and knots
  • Acupressure – a sister modality to Acupuncture that works on putting pressure on points with in the meridian system to release blockages and barriers that were built.
  • Acupuncture (I do not do this one) – same as acupressure but instead of pressure on the points small needs are used instead
  • Tapping (I do not do this one) – where tapping on specific parts of the body permit you to release blockages, beliefs and habits
  • Sound therapy – using the frequency to wash away negative energy and to help rebalance things back to their efficient frequency
  • Chanting – A form of sound therapy
  • Body Talk therapy – Using different methods to bring your body back into alignment and balance
  • Channeling message – many times our healing is dependant on hearing certain things.  Channeling messages can be a big part of the healing process.  Messages can come from source, the angels, other planetary beings and from the self through your soul or ethereal energy.
  • Plus, many, many more.

There are also modalities out there that do not actually have a name yet that allows practitioner, like myself, to eliminate and remove negative energies and beings that are residing in your body, mind, or energetic space.  These modalities are loving and only help and never hinder your growth.

It is with great pleasure that I present and share these gifts with you.  I truly believe and feel they are gifts that I was meant to share with as many people as possible.  And because of that I built this membership platform so that you and many like you could benefit from my healing abilities.  Shared to you from Source themselves and dictated in a truly natural and instinctive way.  I am forever going by what Source and my guides direct me to do and right now they want me to share these gifts with as many people as possible so that our planet can right itself and harmony can once again be restored.

If you have any questions about energy healing and what it is that I do please contact me via email.

Much Love and Best Wishes on Your Day

Christine Cliff n.d.

Your Revitalized Energy


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