Welcome Warrior Goddesses!

Mar 30, 2021

Are You Ready to Light Your LIBIDO on FIRE?

This membership is going to be full of so many things that it will be hard to keep straight exactly what you are meant to be doing!

But all in a good way!!!!!!

Libido is so important to the existence of all aspect of your life that it is hard to stay on task with just one thing.

But, be assured that we will be doing everything in the most chronological order to help you alleviate your issues and move into the Warrior Goddess that you are meant to be.

That being said, do not stress over any one component of activities or lessons within the membership.

This is meant to be FUN and Exhilarating!!!!

We heal in layers and often need to repeat healing experiences a few times to heal all the layers.

So know that not all issues will be healed right away. It will take times and patience.

But, together we will…….

  • Find Your Inner Warrior Goddess
  • Light Your Libido
  • Create a Life You Love

Each month we will have…….

  • A live healing session
  • New lessons
  • Guidance and Inspiration
  • VIP Blog Posts
  • Meditations

It is really surprising all of the things that are linked to the libido.

Together we will find them all!


Make sure you know how to reach us!

Email address Website Facebook Main Page and Light Your Libido on Fire Group.

This is going to be so exciting and I can’t wait to delve into it with you!

Welcome Again and Let’s Get STARTED!!!!!


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