Low Libido

Jun 25, 2020

What is causing my Issue?

It is surprising the amount of women that have a low Libido.  And even more surprising is the fact that the true cause is unknown.

The health world has their beliefs on why our libidos are low.  Mostly pertaining to our hormone levels.

But today I want us to walk down a different path and look at things a little differently.

I am not saying that our hormones aren’t out of sync, they probably are.  But what is putting them out of sync and is that the only cause?

So, for simplistic sake let’s go for a walk down this different path and have a look at other possibilities.   Then we will come back and take a look at our hormones.

A Walk on a Different Path

We are everything that has happened to us in the past and all that we have absorbed from our surroundings.  With that in mind what do you think from your past could be hindering your present Libido issue?

  • Parents or adults (especially woman) who made you feel that sex was only for reproduction and anything but the basic necessities was dirty and wrong
  • Sexual abuse – No matter how minimal we may look back at it, we may have internalized it more then we think
  • The feeling like you were abused even if you can’t remember it.  This can actually be feelings from a past life, or something you suppressed very deep
  • People having treated you in certain ways that you now have low self esteem
  • Having issues where you felt you could not voice your opinion and not being able to speak up for yourself
  • Living in someone else’s shadow
  • Being made to feel like you couldn’t truly be your authentic self

Do you relate to any of these?

The more that you relate to the more that it is your past that has a control over you and your Libido, and probably messing with your hormones (more on this later I promise).

Now this is not an extensive list, so you may have thought of things that also could be contributing to your Low Libido.  If in any way it has made you feel bad about yourself, and more importantly still does, then there is a really big chance it is a playing factor.

These things from the past play a big part in our inner health and how well our energy flow is.  As we store emotions from each of the incidents from the past (especially the ones you pin-pointed) it clogs up our inner energy (or Chi).  When the energy is clogged the body is not able to work as efficiently as it should be able to.  And when this happens, our glands and endocrine system goes all out of whack as it works extra hard to help the rest of the body.  AND THIS…… is how our hormones, for the most part goes out of whack.  

Of course, this isn’t the only way.  It can also be from the food that we eat. But that is a whole other Blog.

So, you CAN concentrate on your hormone imbalance.  And make sure if it is causing other health issues you do.  BUT….. the best way to raise your Libido is to heal from your past.

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The Bonus, with working on your LIBIDO is that many other aspects of your life and health will get better too.  Not because of all the great Sex, but because of all the great healing you do. 

As Always, I am here to help you Revitalize your Life.


  1. bedava

    You are my aspiration , I have few blogs and occasionally run out from to brand. Cassy Wallis Oruntha

    • Christine Cliff

      Thank you. I have a new blog coming out this week. Come back and check it out. I Hope you enjoy it just as much.


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