Jun 25, 2020

The Real Truth

The term Empath has become a very popular word these days.  Over the last 4 years I have seen the use of the word multiply exponentially.

Many use it as a term for something negative.  That they are bombarded by others’ emotions and feelings.  Like those that are not bombarded are not empaths.  However, you can still be an Empath and not be bombarded.

It is like being an Empath has given people a right to become a victim.  That they have no way to stop the onslaught of emotions and feelings being blasted at them.  It may feel this way, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.


I am here to tell you that is a pile of shit.  Total bullshit to be exact.

You are not being bombarded because You are an empath.   You are being bombarded because you have not learned how to protect yourself, or You are not grounded or, You are not connected to source, or all of the above.

By blaming being an Empath on your issues you are being the victim and giving away all of your power, which makes it even worse. 


You have the ability to not have other people’s shit bombard you and still be an empath.  But you need to 1st take your power back and realize that the fact that other’s energy is bothering you is not the fault of being an empath, but the fault lies on you.

A few ways to take back your power:

  1. Declaring “I am an Empowered Empath, and no one’s energy gets to me without my permission”.  
  2. Learning how to protect yourself energetically
  3. Learn how to ground
  4. Learn how to connect with your Spiritual Gifts and the Universe CLICK HERE to Learn how
  5. Declaring “I am a powerful psychic being that has a wonderful gift to be able to communicate with other beings through their soul and energy field”.

Did you know…….

Empath is a term that was used to help those that didn’t believe in psychic powers, or didn’t want to have them, understand what was going on.

But really, being an Empath is one way your psychic clairsentient abilities are coming forth.

To say you are an Empath is to say you are psychic and my main gift is clairsentient, or clear feeling. (To learn more on Clairs CLICK HERE).


It is time to stop hiding and pretending.

A powerful psychic with their main gift as clairsentient has learned how to manage their gifts and chooses whose energy they let in and who’s they do not.

An Empath is a psychic who has not fully learned to connect with their gift, has not fully learned how to protect themselves or likes to play victim and be the “oh, woes me…..Look what I have to put up with” person.


Yes, sometimes the best armoured psychic can still be bombarded from time to time when their shields have been weakened.  I am not talking about this.  I am talking about those that feel daily that they are put upon by being an empath.

Either let the universe know that you do not wish to connect with your psychic powers and fulfill your Life Purpose so they may shut down the connection OR Take some classes and learn how to be-one with this great gift.

If you are ready to take the next step and fully embrace what it means to be Empath or rather a psychic, CLICK HERE.

As always, I am here to help you Revitalize YOUR Life.


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