Awakened VS Enlightened

Dec 7, 2020

Which are YOU?

As I was connecting to my gifts a few years back, I was drawn to refer to myself and others as becoming enlightened. 

However, I was soon put in my place by a member of the community that continued to tell me “We call it Awakening”.  After being repeatedly corrected I decided to stop resisting it and go with the flow and started to use the term awoken and awakening.

Don’t do that!!!! 

If you have strong feelings about something stick with your gut.  Even if it is someone who you feel is much wiser then you telling you that you are wrong.


OK, back on track with this Blog…….  

So, I kept being told to use the term awakening.  And that this was the term that is know world wide.  Which it totally is.


So is enlightened.  But they mean two slightly different things.

When I was Awakening, I was being guided to become Enlightened.

I found it very confusing knowing that I was to refer to myself as becoming enlightened and others telling me that it was called awakening.

Lately I have been able to see the difference between the two. Mostly from other peoples’ actions while in the various world crises that have surrounded us.

These are two wonderful states to be in – Awoken & Enlightened. 


Let’s see if I can help you see the difference…..

Those that are opening to their gifts are referred to as awakening. 

They are beginning to see a different reality.   They are beginning to connect with or realize their gifts. And they start to interpret the Universe and Divine Source differently.

This is a great start.  But this isn’t where we were meant to stop growing.

So, of course, we can get to a state of awoken.

This is when are gifts have fully manifested and are one with us. Yes, we can still be learning, but we have started to take an active roll in using our gifts as we sere meant to.

This is where many have stopped their growth. With us being given the term awakening/awoken we have a hard time to become anything else.

This is where Enlightened comes in……

Enlightenment is like mastering your spirituality. 

You have connected to all the gifts that have presented themselves to you until this point. You have faith that life is going to be good, and that all that is happening is for the betterment of all mankind.  You have no need to fight or publicly shame others.  You wake each morning wondering how you can serve mankind.  You embody all that is good.  You connect more with your spiritual self then your human self.  You no longer have a need for self pity or judgement.  You live for yourself and for Divine Source. You no longer worry about what other people think.  You take control of your own life (with the spiritual help that surrounds you).  You are God on earth.  You worry not.  You Love much.  And you take care of others as much as you take care of yourself.

Who out there reading this has awoken? 

I am sure most of you have or at least have started the awakening process.

How many of you have truly reached Enlightenment Status?

I know I have not mastered it. Lol  But, I also know that I am along my journey there.  How about you?

To be Awake is to Know spirituality.

To be Enlightened is to Live spiritually.

Do you live your life with worry? Or are you able to lift your self above it and truly know that all will be ok.

Do you live in grief? Or are you able to lift yourself and know, feel and communicate with your loved one still?

Do you blame others for the state of your life of things happening in it? Or are you able to fully comprehend why the things are as they are?

Does a group of negative people bring you down? Or are you able to lift yourself to another dimension to rise above the negativity?

Do you live your life based on what others think you should? Or have you been able to rise above it all and know your truest calling?

These are the difference between being Enlightened and not.

You can be Awoken and very gifted and not be enlightened. 

Enlightened comes from being fully connected with yourself, the Divine Source, and your spiritual higher self.

It can be a scary road letting go of our human need for control.  But take it from me it is also magnificent and magical. 

Fear, worry and spiritual growing pain usually comes from resisting your spiritual path flow.

When you embrace the flow and are ready to live an enlightened life so many doors open and so much good comes into your life.

I really wish someone would have told me the difference at the beginning.  That there was a life grandeur than the one I know.  Grandeur then being awoken.  Grandeur then anything I could image.

I wish they told me about being fully Enlightened!

Like I said, I have not mastered Full Enlightenment.  I don’t think anyone has. But I do know that I am in my journey a long ways.

Do I do all the things that past gurus have said was a must to live a spiritual life?  No.  I do things for me as guided to me by my spiritual team and source.

If a bike ride is what I need today then I do that.  If writing is what is needed then I do that.  If watching TV is what I need to switch off my old habits that have been sneaking in then I do that.

Living a life of Spiritual Enlightenment is not about always being connected and processing, but about always being ready to receive.  Living each day in service to enlighten and brighten the world.

Some may do this with their smiles and sunshiny personalities.

Others will do it with their knowledge.

The difference between those who are awoken and in service and those that are enlightened and in service is fear

Which can you relate to more?  Who does each of these statements make you think of?

Teaching in a way that those listening would fear or second guess doing anything other then what you say?  Ie. You want to make sure you do this.  This is the right way.  Believe me, there is only one right way to get the result you are looking for………


Helping people to understand where they are and help them understand how they can get to where they want to go? Ie. There is no wrong way.  Follow your intuition and it will guide you.  There is no reason to worry and fear, you are fully protected.  You are stronger than you think and you can handle this with ease.

Learning to live without fear and worry is possible and needed to move from Awoken to Enlightened

To reach out and get help with your gifts, weather you are working on awakening or becoming enlightened…


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