Psychic “Clairs”

Jun 25, 2020

Learning how the Universe is trying to Communicate with YOU

Have you wished and dreamed about having certain psychic abilities?  I can almost guarantee that you have some, and probably more than you realize! 

They have probably already shown themselves to you, you just didn’t recognize them. Most people do not recognise their gifts at the beginning as what we believe they should be like and what they really are, are 2 very different things.

We’ve been kept in the dark for many years, with some people trying to be the psychic elite.  

WELL…… I am here to tell you that everyone, YES EVERYONE, has psychic gifts.  But most don’t understand because of the descriptions given to each of the “clairs”.

SO…… I am here to help you recognize what “clairs” are and how they may appear to you.  AND NOT the traditional version.  BUT the many realistic ways so you can finally understand which gifts are presenting themselves to you.


So, what are “clairs”?

They are the fancy words to help us compartmentalize psychic abilities, or the way we psychically receive messages from spirit, guides, angels, and other beings that we can’t see.

To be Psychic is to receive messages.  The Clairs help us to identify how the messages are coming to us.  

It is very important to recognize how the information is coming in so you can “tune” yourself to it and actually receive it.  

Many times, messages are missed because they don’t come in how we think they are supposed to.

And we don’t want to miss messages from the Spirit world!.  They know SO much more than we do!!!!!


Here is a list of the 6 most common Clairs and what they mean:

  • Clairvoyant – Clear seeing
  • Clairsentient – Clear feeling
  • Clairaudient – Clear hearing
  • Claircognicent – Clear knowing
  • Clairagustance – Clear tasting
  • Clairalience – Clear smelling

Most of the time there is nothing CLEAR about our Clair!

Some people do get visuals and sounds that are super crisp.  And knowings that are undeniable.  

HOWEVER, for most people, especially when you are beginning, things come in very differently than you expect- sometimes fuzzy, foggy or just not very apparent. Maybe more like an “inkling”.

Low & Behold I had all 4 main clairs!

At the beginning I did not recognize my gifts!

I can remember telling people that I was not clairvoyant- I couldn’t see what wasn’t there!

It drove me crazy.  

It was like people further along their journey figured I could, because that was “normal” for an energy worker, or that the spirit world was telling them I could.


I was clairsentient and got everything through feelings and emotions.  

Or at least that is what I thought.  

Low and behold, I had a lot more gifts showing themselves to me, but I just didn’t know that’s what they were.

Like when I “knew” a spirit was present, even though I could not see them with my physical eyes, I was still “seeing” them.  Or when I would have vivid dreams about things I needed to work on, I was “seeing” messages.  

I would also hear thoughts in my head, which is part of clairaudience.

And feel the emotional sensings of a clairsentient.

Claircognizance, clear knowing, is one that works with my other clairs.  I get an overwhelming sense of knowing the truth in conjunction with feelings and sight.  


“Where you go from here is totally up to you”

So, if your life could use a tuning, even a small one, tapping into your psychic gifts and clairs is one of the best steps you can take towards living a better life.

Here are the steps I would take, and wish someone had pointed them out to me when I was beginning:

  1. Check out this LINK and see which clairs you can identify with.  It is a simple list, with realistic examples of how they may appear.
  1. Learn how to grow your psychic clairs (gifts).  You may be able to do this yourself, or you may wish to take a Course that helps guide you, become part of a Group or get 1-on-1 Coaching.

“Check them out today and take the next steps in understanding your gifts and living a better life”


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