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In-Person Sessions

Choose from one of our many in-person packages…

Welcome to our in-person sessions, where healing begins with a personal touch. Step into a serene environment designed to nurture your well-being, as you experience your personalized holistic solutions, tailor made to meet your unique health goals. From personalized reflexology to day retreats, our in-person sessions provide a supportive space for you to embark on a journey towards optimal spiritual and physical health. Discover the power of nature’s healing elements as we work together to restore balance, vitality, and harmony to your mind, body, and spirit. Your wellness adventure starts here, guided by the expertise and compassion of our dedicated team.

So many to pick from…

Foot Reflexology:

A relaxing session that not only feels great for your feet, but helps your whole body feel like you got a massage. Reflexologists work the reflexes in the feet for each system in the body to stimulate, activate and sometimes heal all components with in the body. It is amazing what can be accomplished by “rubbing” the feet.

Intuitive Energy Healing:

Intuitive session for each person and appointment.  We tap into the universal energy to guide us to what is needing worked on that day for the clients greatest good.  I am guided to help release all that is holding the client back so they may move forward on their path to a happier and healthier life.  It may include releasing trauma, past teachings, old emotions, perpetual thoughts and beliefs, pain, inflammation, spiritual entity attachments, and so much more.

Couple’s Energy Healing:

This session is so important to couples to help them reconnect and balance their energies with each other.   It allows people to open their hearts up further and release the barriers they had with each other.  It is not about making them perfect rather about learning how to jive with each other again and be able to communicate on different levels in a much more balanced way.

After the session couples communicate better and have a more intimate relationship with each other

Naturopath Appointment:

Help people find the solution that will work best for them.

For the person who knows that they need change, but not sure what they need or where they want to go.  Only that it will be better than where they are at. It is a bit of an assessment and discovery appointment. Definitely a coaching session, but may include a bit of specialty work if it is found to be needed that day.

Specialty work

Energy healing, reflexology, nutrition coaching, fitness training/coaching, spiritual lesson, soul messages


All sessions are about helping the person be healthier while relaxing and Revitalizing.  The products used are natural and for health purposes.

Facials: Clay mask, cooling wash, toner

Foot masks: Clay masks, detoxifying foot bath

Detoxing Mud wrap: Detoxifying clay mask created for the individual and placed on the liver and/or intestines (depending on what people need).

All of these services help to draw out toxins with in the body to help if function more efficient and healthy


A Full day of getting back to yourself.  (6hrs) Relaxing & Revitalizing your mind, body & spirit.

The day could be spent inside the renovated and expanded facilities or outside around the tranquil water and property.  All depending on the activities of the day.

Activities could include, but not limited to: Energy healing, yoga, movement, drumming, chanting, breathwork, journaling, meditating, spiritual work, spa pampering (such as facials, mini hand massages, foot masks, mini reflexology, etc), reflexology, ceremonial fire, sound therapy, crystals, coaching



I teach level 1, 2, 3 (master), advanced, teacher

This course attunes people to the frequency of the universe so they may channel Divine Universal energy to themselves (level 1) or others.  They can channel the energy to anything and anyone no matter where they are in distance or time.

This energy is meant to be shared for the greatest good

Connecting to Your Spiritual Powers:

This is a course I created myself to help people learn how to channel in the way they need and for what they are born to do.  I have only written and taught level 1 right now, but will be creating and teaching level 2 in March

Participants receive:

  • Learn how to perform Energy Healing
  • Attunement to all modalities they are born to know and open to learn
  • Learn what gifts they have and were born with
  • Insight in how they are to use their gifts and why
  • Guidance in how to connect with their guides and who they are
  • Mentoring

Metaphysical/Spiritual Workshops:

These are 2 hour workshops/classes about any topic people want to learn about.  I currently have over 20 topics I teach on, but am willing and open to teach on anything others find interesting and important to learn.

We may want to have a spot either in the newsletter, website, facebook, ….. where people can inform me of what they are wanting to learn about.

Group Energy Healing:

These are the same as the intuitive energy Healing sessions but in group form.  It is mostly hands off channelled energy but if people are needing hands on work I will gladly do it.

Group Spiritual Ascension:

These including calling in our guides and masters to help everyone present to rise to a new level of vibration or knowledge to help them on their spiritual evaluation in this lifetime and the next.


These can be during my scheduled parties here or people can book a home party with their friends.

Metaphysical Parties: These are really group soul readings and I think that is what I will need to rename them.  They include channelled messages using cards, crystals and psychic abilities and some energy healing to release what needs to so the recipients can move on from what they received that night.  Parties are kept to 8 people and everyone greats a message.  When I grow this, this year, the groups will be much bigger and not everyone will get a direct message, but everyone will receive healing and exactly what they needed that night.