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Lighting Your Libido

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Regain Your Sexual Desire


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Live In Person Programs 

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“Rekindle Your Desire” Program – 3 Months

Designed to help those having issues connecting to their sexual desire and interests.  I will learn from your body and soul why you’re having issues so I’m guided to heal you for your highest good. We will walk this Journey together with as little pain from the past as possible.  You’ll receive: 3 Growth & Healing Sessions, as many growth activities as you need and access to me for individualized help along the way.  If you have been abused in the past, have difficulty becoming aroused, have physical discomfort or simply have no idea what is wrong then this is the program that will help you heal so that you may find your bliss and happiness.

Group session starts Wednesday, November 18th 2020

“Light Your Libido on Fire” Program – 5 Months In-Depth

This program will combine the Rekindle Your Desire Program and the How to Light Your Libido on Fire Course for a FULL Healing and Sexually Explosive Experience.  You will receive: 5 Growth & Healing Sessions, 10 growth activities and access to me for individualized help along the way.  If you’re looking to heal and move into a blissful life where delightful orgasms are available at your whim, then this is the program for you!

Group program starts on Feb 15th, 2021