Spiritual Enlightenment

Psychic Abilities

Enhance your natural abilities

Empowered Empaths

Learn to love being an empath

Enlightened Guidance

Let me help you create your dream life

Psychic Abilities Checklist

Download your checklist here.

Harness Your Psychic Powers

Do you want to learn about, connect with and build your spiritual gifts?

5 Month Embracing Your Spiritual Gifts & Harnessing Your Psychic Powers

Are you ready to take the journey to embrace your spiritual gifts?

Even if you have no idea what your gifts are or how you’re meant to use them, I’m able to tap into your Spiritual Connection and help you retrieve this information. 

When you sign up for either the 1:1 program or the group program option, you’ll receive 5 Coaching sessions specifically designed for psychic growth, 5 empowerment activities, 5 psychic growth activities, and access to me for individualized help as needed.  If you are looking to connect to your psychic gifts, grow your spiritual connection, and live a more enlightened life then this is the program for you!

Registration is open until October 27th.

The Group program starts on Wednesday, October 28th, 2020.

Are you an Empath?

Download your checklist here.

Enlightened Empath Program

Are you an Empath who wants to lighten the weight of the world and learn how to fully protect yourself on a daily basis?

3 Month Enlightened Empath Program

We’ll remove the barriers that are keeping you stuck, build and fortify your protective guild and clarify your purpose here on earth so that you no longer need to feel overwhelmed by what’s going on around you.

When you join either the 1:1 or the group program, you’ll receive: 3 Growth & Healing Sessions, 3 Enlightenment Sessions, weekly Fortifying activities and access to me for individualized help as needed.  If you’re looking for strategies in protection against energies that are not yours then this is the program for you.

The Group program starts on Saturday, December 05th, 2020

Create Your Dream Life

Are you looking to improve your life and fully engage in the process of moving towards your DREAM LIFE?

3 Month Enlightened Guidance Program

When you sign up, you’ll receive: 3 Coaching Sessions, 1 Growth & Healing Session, 10 advancement activities and access to me for individualized help as needed.  If you’re ready to move forward and break through your barriers then this is the Program for you.